Lee Howard

20th March 2015

Mermaid’s purses

The common “mermaid's purses” found on our beaches are from the cat sharks (some are commonly called dogfish). The egg cases of sand sharks are larger and instead of tendrils (like the ones above which attach to seaweed etc) they have ‘horns’ from their four corners.
11th March 2015

The Paper Nautilus or Argonauta Argo

It is a real treat to find these shells on our beaches. They are usually washed ashore during the winter months after storms out at sea, but rarely with the creature inside.
26th February 2015

Brief History of Bretton Beach Crest

As resident owners of Bretton Beach Crest, we have lived here since October 1984, 30 years already. Lee's parent's Frank and Gift Gardner started Bretton Beach Crest in the late 1960's with the first 3 cottages, then a further 6 and then built our house where we live today.