21 years at Bretton Beach Crest

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2nd July 2012
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7th January 2013

21 years at Bretton Beach Crest

Upon arriving at our destination I turned to my brother and said: “It’s nice to finally be home”.  After going to Breton Beach Crest for 21 years (me only being 21 years old) it has definitely become a home away from home with a friendly little whale beckoning you in; and welcoming you back.
Bretton Beach Crest is a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a serene setting situated in cultured Port Alfred on the Sunshine Coast where one can easily relax and restore your weary body and soul – and so close to the beach you can almost hear the sea knocking on your front door!

Bretton Beach Crest is not only a place to relax, but offers many delights to the adventurous at heart. One can spend hours investigating the rock pools, playing on the beach with your family or walking along the romantic shores as the sun sets in a pink haze. Other adventures include, for instance, boat trips on the Kowie River, surfing on East beach, horse riding, fishing, deep sea fishing and even snorkelling or diving – just take a look inside the helpful guide placed in every cottage at Bretton Beach Crest to get you started.

Bretton Beach Crest is the best example of the popular term: ‘location, location, location.’ It is situated at the edge of town, but at the same time only a stone’s throw away from the town centre and the new Rosehill mall, making trips to the supermarket effortless. A sense of privacy is created with the indigenous bushes surrounding the cottages and paths that lead to the beach. Every cottage has a beautiful view of the sea or is placed so as to have one by taking just a few steps outside. The cottage we visit every year, for example, now has a bench placed at its lookout over the sea, built by the caring and goodhearted Colin and Lee Howard- owners of Bretton Beach Crest.

Bretton Beach is a lovely private beach with cool tides and beautiful dunes. There is also a tidal rock pool on the beach (called the ‘kiddies pool’), where children can spend their days investigating the sea life and swimming safely. As I walked past it today I felt sad that I am too grown up to be able to splash around in that little pool. The towns blue flag beach, Kelly’s, is also any teenager’s dream, with lots of people, hotdogs sold on the side and wonderful swimming conditions.

The cottages themselves come equipped with everything you could possibly need. Comfortable beds and chairs, dining space, kitchen, a television (which we seldom use because Port Alfred in itself is much to entertain), enough closet space for the whole family and all the other essentials. The design of the lovely little cottages reminds me of a fisherman’s house, complete with little stoep and braai area. We have spent hours on the stoep, braai-ing and chatting the night away, listening to the sound of the waves crashing, with the flames of the fire dancing in the background.
If braai-ing or cooking is not your forte, Port Alfred offers some fantastic culinary experiences. The Bretton Beach Crest guide is, again, a good place to get a glimpse of what is available, but I feel the best way is to take a drive around town and strategically plan your way through all the breakfast, lunch and dinner places – as you will definitely want to try them all! The nightlife in Port Alfred is vibrant: even though there are not a multitude of places, quality has clearly been valued over quantity. I, a 21year old, seldom find myself without something to do after 8 in the evening.

Bretton Beach Crest is a place of absolute tranquil relaxation and indulgence in the enjoyment of life. Every holiday spent here as a child, teenager and now young adult has been a wonderful experience. Every year I pack my holiday bags gleefully in anticipation of going back to the place that has become our home away from home.

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